UF/MF Membrane Filtration - KnowHow Webinar Series [KHDOC006]
Category: Water Treatment & Membranes
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Description: This is Presentation Document of KnowHow Webinar Series on 'UF/MF Membrane Filtration" . This webinar series has altogether 16 webinar as below presented by Dr. Graeme K Pearce, a Well-Experienced Membrane Specialist, UK. This document is available both in PDF as well as print version. All presentation slides are includes as 2 slides per page in this document. Document Contents 1. UF/MF Fundamentals and Membrane Materials 2. UF/MF Membrane Fabrication, Morphology & Characteristics 3. UF/MF Membrane Format and Product Options 4. UF/MF Membrane Process Design and Flux Selection 5. UF/MF Membrane System Design 6. UF/MF Commercial Membranes & Suppliers Review 7. UF/MF Membrane Plant Performance Monitoring and Permeability Trends 8. Applications & Case Studies of UF/MF Membrane Water Treatment 9. Fouling & Use of Chemicals in UF/MF Membrane Filtration 10. Operational Issues of UF/MF Membrane Plant 11. Troubleshooting of UF/MF Membrane Water Plant 12. UF/MF Membranes - New Developments, Recent Trends, and Future Prospects 13. Ceramic Membranes: Principles & Manufacturing, Applications & Performance 14. Commercial Ceramic Membranes Review 15. Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment: Basics, Technology and Process Design 16. Review of Commercial MBR Membranes & Performance Review