How Plasma & Flame Surface Treating Improve Surface Wettability & Adhesion

Expert: Wilson Lee
Webinar Length: ~60 Min
Language: English
Category: Adhesives, Coatings & Paints
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Plasma surface treating is an emerging green technology for leading manufacturers tasked with assembling and decorating plastics, composites, glass and metals. It is a powerful, yet relatively inexpensive technology that is used by both Fortune 100 companies and small operations to improve bond strength, product quality and throughput. Attendees will learn how plasma & flame treating increases surface energy, improves surface wettability and promotes bonding by cleaning, etching & functionalizing surfaces. The objectives include: # Learn how plasma & flame surface treating compare to other surface preparation methods; #Learn about three distinct surface modifications imparted by the plasma treating process: cleaning, etching and functionalizing; #Learn about common and unique industrial applications for plasma & flame treating


As Director of Business Development for Enercon Industries Corporation, Wilson Lee uses his technical and business expertise to advance plasma and flame surface treating technologies for use in new applications and markets. Wilson earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration from Clemson University. Over the last twelve years he has worked with a variety of surface modification technologies including plasma, flame, low pressure plasma, CO2 cleaning, Teflon dispersion, and plasma deposition for plastics and composite materials. Wilson holds two patents and introduced over 20 new plastic parts, assemblies and composites to OEMs. As an advocate of education, Wilson has conducted training seminars for engineers on plasma and flame surface treating technologies and applications. In addition, Wilson has spoken at numerous conferences and events about modern surface monitoring, surface testing, and bonding applications. The combination of his technical expertise and business acumen make him a great resource for businesses looking for insights on leveraging surface treating technology to improve surface adhesion of inks, adhesives, paints and coatings.

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