Applications of FTIR in Polymer Process Development

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FTIR spectroscopy is a powerful technique for studying the effects of polymer formulation and process factors on surface chemistry, component compatibility, and morphology; all of which relate to end-use performance characteristics like adhesion and mechanical properties. Of the many techniques available, surface attenuated total reflectance spectroscopy (SATR-FTIR) is arguably one of the most versatile FTIR methods, enabling the study of neat liquids, solutions, dispersions, solid films, solid powders, adhesives, adherends, and countless other multi-component systems. Aside from being fast, SATR can be applied in problem-solving situations pertaining to cure reactions (liquid and dispersion states), surface compositions & adhesion, process history & surface heterogeneity (e.g., extruded films), material structure, and product/process control. This seminar, although focused on SATR, will be the first in a series pertaining to applications of spectroscopic methods in product and process development. Those attending can expect to learn how SATR-FTIR can be applied to their own real-world product development & problem-solving situations. The webinar presentation includes: • Overview of FTIR spectroscopy & methods; • Description of the SATR technique; • Example Applications - Adhesion, Surface migration, Extruded film heterogeneity, Polymerization reactions, Material structure & composition


Anthony Parker, Ph.D. is a Principal Scientist and founder of A. A. Parker Consulting, LLC. Dr. Parker has 35 years of industrial experience in research, development, and management. He has been involved in multiple start-up businesses ranging from medical devices and musical instrument strings to packaging adhesives, pharmaceutical delivery systems, and cosmetics. His interests and expertise are in the areas of surface chemistry and adhesion, bio-based materials and adhesives, mechanical properties of polymers, structure-property-process relationships in polymers, thermal analytical methods, spectroscopic methods (NMR, FTIR), UV curable coatings, and musical strings/ instruments. Dr. Parker has authored or co-authored more than 70 publications, including 30+ journal articles and technical reviews as well as 40+ patents with several patents pending.

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