Latex Foam Production using NR Latex (Part 2)

Expert: Steven Chong
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NR Lattices being natural products are less stable than SBR Lattices. NR Lattices require more testing and control measures to produce latex foam successfully. In order to successfully produce latex form using NR Lattices, the author has used a Low Ammonia preserved NR latex concentrate to illustrate this production process. Are you struggling or experiencing issues with producing NR latex foam in a laboratory or factory environment? Do you find that the foam is very temperamental or have you encountered numerous issues such as irregular day-to-day production using the same batch of latex compound or issues with foaming station efficiency? Common problems like these result in factory downtime and which can equate to significant losses. The author discusses all the possible scenarios in latex foam production and analyses with scientific explanations together with recommendations to prevent unwanted recurring issues in foam production including loose skin, laking, rat holes, uneven hardness, hard lumps and voids in the foam matrix. This is a two-part presentation. Part one describes latex foam and all the processes that you need to know. Part two is the full detailed account of process controls and trouble shooting in the latex foam manufacturing process.
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Latex foam consultant with over 25 years’ experience in latex foam processing. Extensive knowledge in natural rubber lattices, Polyurethane foams, Latex foams, rubber adhesives, rubber to metal bonding, powder rubber and thermoplastic rubbers. Mr Chong has played a crucial part in consulting for both national and international companies. His value within the industry lies in his depth of experience in, and understanding of, the intricacies of latex foam production and manufacturing, abilities in complex research and development and effective implementation to improve and streamline processes. Drawing on his significant market and industry knowledge, Mr Chong has produced a comprehensive guide to latex foam processing.

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