Film Extruder Components and Setup Principles

Expert: Paul Waller
Webinar Length: ~90 Min
Language: English
Category: Plastics & Composites
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This KnowHow Webinar discusses about film extruder components and principles of each zone in the extruder. The webinar content includes: Motors and Drives; Gear Reducers (Gearboxes) and Thrust Bearings; Feed Throat; Screws; Screw Parameters & Performance; Solids Conveying in the Feed Zone; Effect of Friction in Feed Zone; Effect of Temperature in Grooved Feed Zone; Effect of Temperature in Smooth Bore Feed Zone; Melting and Conveying in the Transition Zone; Effect of Friction and Conduction on Melting Rate; Melting Progression in the Transition Zone; Melt Flow in the Metering Zone; Types of Flow in the Metering Zone; Drag Flow; Pressure Flow; Effect of Drag and Pressure Flow on Velocity Profile; Leakage Flow; Net Melt Conveying Flow (Total Flow) in the Metering Zone; Smooth Bore Feed Throat Characteristics; Barrier Flighted versus Shear Mixing Screw Designs; Comparison of Conventional versus Barrier Screw; Generic Extruder Temperature Profiles; Gradual Rising Extruder Temperature Profile; Reverse Barrel Temperature Profile; Humped Barrel Temperature Profile; Flat Barrel Temperature Profile; Heating and Cooling Systems; Air Cooled Barrel Systems; Mica or Ceramic Heater; Finned Aluminum Heaters; Infrared Heaters; Liquid Cooled Barrel Systems; Barrel Exit Components; Rupture Disk; Breaker Plate and Screens; Common Misconceptions; Screens for High Pressure Applications; Non-Continuous Screen Changers; Melt Pressure Cycle; Continuous Screen Changers; Belted Screen Continuous Screen Changers; Rotary Semi-Continuous Screen Changers; Diverter Semi-Continuous Screen Changers; Mixing Devices; Gear Pumps; Static Mixers


Paul Waller has been a renowned author and expert in film extrusion for more than 40 years. His clients include raw material suppliers, processors, end users, educational institutions and industry associations on 5 continents. Mr. Waller obtained his B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal and his MBA at York University Schulich School of Business in Toronto. Mr. Waller started his career at Dow Chemical’s polyethylene technical services group before moving to Esso Chemical’s Vinyl division. Mr. Waller designed and presented the Film Technology program for the Canadian Plastics Training Centre in Toronto and SENAI in Brazil. He was co-chair of the Canadian Plastics Sector Council, which established occupational standards for film operators and was chair of the Flexible Packaging division of the Society of Plastics Engineers. He has provided intensive in-house training to more than 1,200 operators, technicians and engineers on five continents in the last 17 years.

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