Film Extruder Die Components and Setup Principles

Expert: Paul Waller
Webinar Length: ~90 Min
Language: English
Category: Plastics & Composites
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This KnowHow Webinar discusses all about film extruder die, its principles and setup. The webinar contents include: Cast Film Die Design; Clamshelling; Single Manifold Cast Film Dies; Deckles for Film Width Control of Cast Film Dies; Blown Film Die Design; Spiral Mandrel Distribution System; Function of Spiral Channels; Design Options to Minimize Flow Variation; Effect of Number and Angle of Spirals on Flow Variation; Port Splitting Distributors; Die Lip Configurations; Effect of Viscosity on TD Gauge Variation at Die Lips; Die Bolt Adjustments for Blown Film Dies; Die Bolt Adjustment Procedure for Blown Film Dies; Coextrusion Cast Film Systems; Layer Multiplier Feed Blocks; Insert Feed Plugs and Adjustable Vanes; Multiple Manifold Cast Coextrusion Cast Film Dies; Coextrusion Blown Film Systems; Concentric Mandrel Blown Film Dies; Concentric Mandrel Coextrusion Die Design Limitations; Stacked (Modular) Spiral Blown Film Die Designs; Limitations of Stacked Die Designs; Stacked Nano Layer Blown Film Die Designs; Film Appearance Defects; Melt Fracture; Interfacial Instability; Zig Zag Pattern Interfacial Instability; Long Wave Pattern Interfacial Instability; Migration and Viscous Encapsulation; Test to Distinguish Melt Fracture from Interfacial Instability; Optical Properties; Hazy Film; Low Gloss (Dull Surface) – High External Haze; Surface Contamination; Gels; Unmelt Gels; Bubbles or Hollow Gels; Cross-linked Gels; Black Specs; Color Agglomerates; Die Lines; Purging Techniques; Preventative Maintenance Purging; Controlled Shutdown Technique; Start-Up Procedure; Process Interruption Purging; Stable Scouring; Chemical Purge Compounds; Mechanical Purge Compounds; Cyclical Scouring (Disco Purge Technique); Disassembly and Cleaning


Paul Waller has been a renowned author and expert in film extrusion for more than 40 years. His clients include raw material suppliers, processors, end users, educational institutions and industry associations on 5 continents. Mr. Waller obtained his B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal and his MBA at York University Schulich School of Business in Toronto. Mr. Waller started his career at Dow Chemical’s polyethylene technical services group before moving to Esso Chemical’s Vinyl division. Mr. Waller designed and presented the Film Technology program for the Canadian Plastics Training Centre in Toronto and SENAI in Brazil. He was co-chair of the Canadian Plastics Sector Council, which established occupational standards for film operators and was chair of the Flexible Packaging division of the Society of Plastics Engineers. He has provided intensive in-house training to more than 1,200 operators, technicians and engineers on five continents in the last 17 years.

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