Rubber Mixing Plant: Design & Layout

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Module 1 : Rubber Mixing Plant Requirement for Tyres and Non-Tyres
Module 2 : Raw Material Storage & Feeding Equipment in Rubber Mixing Plant
Module 3 : Internal Mixers - Types & Selection
Module 4: Design of Dust Stop Rings for Mixer
Module 5: Access for Maintenance in Rubber Mixing Plant
Module 6: Downstream Process of Internal Mixer
Module 7: Compound Cooling in Rubber Mixing Plant
Module 8: Continuous vs Batch Process of Rubber Mixing
Module 9: Forces Operating in Internal Mixer
Module 10: Gear Reducers, Ram Assembly & Process Oil Injector for Rubber Mixing Equipment


With more than 35 years professional experience, Bruno Milanese worked with mixing machinery suppliers POMINI, FARREL and Meccaniche Moderne. His work experience involved with engineering and commissioning of mixing rooms for the rubber industry, both for tyre industry and for technical rubber goods around the world. Since 2004, he has been providing technical advisory services related to rubber mixing.

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