Extruded Rubber Products: Compound Development

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• Rubber Extrusion Principles
• Extruded Products for Automotive, Engineering & Medical Applications
• Compounding for Extrusion Product and Mixing Technique
• Selection of Rubber and other Ingredients for Extruded Products
• Curing of Extrusion Products
• Joining of Extrusion Profiles with Adhesive


1.Name: Prabir Roy Choudhury; 2.Qualification : B.SC ( Chemistry), M.Tech ( Plastics and Rubber Tech), IIChe ; 3. Present Emplyment : Employed in Zenith Industrial Rubber Products Ltd as GM ( Technical) since last 2 yrs; 4. Experiences : 35 yrs experience in different Rubber Industries in senior position . Out of which 10 yrs in a R& D institute ( IRMRA) as Joint Director; 5. Area of expertise : 1. Product development based on rubber and allied matrials conforming to customer specification, 2. Specification development of an unknown product through reverse engineering, 3.Indenization of imported product through reverse engineering, 4. Trouble shooting in manufacturing process, 5. Factory Technical Service, 6. Customer Technical Service, 7. Testing and Evaluation of rubber Products, 8. Waste and Scrap utilization to a value added Product, 9. Conducting training course for internal & external customer 10. Testing & R& D laboratory set up; 6. Major Development Activities: 1." Design and Development of Rubber Dam for watershed " sponsored by Indian council Agricultural Research , Ministry of Agriculture , Govt of India, 2. Study of synthesis of reinforcing white nano filler for environment friendly rubber products sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India, 3. Development of Pneumatic mount ( for isolation of low frequency vibration ) for Submarine application a/c Indian Navy , Govt of India, 4. Development of rubber seals a/c Doors and Hatches for Naval war ship for Indian Navy , Govt of India, 5. Development of acoustic Rubber tiles for Submarine application for Indian Navy , Govt of India 6. Development of antistatic and static dissipative silicone rubber product; Paper Publication: 25 nos in different national & international journal;

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