UF/MF Membrane Filtration (MasterClass) (4-Day)

Webinar Length: ~26 Hours
Language: English
Category: Water Treatment & Membranes
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19-22 Dec 2022, 9am-5pm EST
16-19 Jan 2023, 9am-5pm Thailand
13-16 Feb 2023, 9am-5pm CET
14-17 Mar 2023, 9am-5pm Australia
17-20 Apr 2023, 9am-5pm CET
22-25 May 2023, 9am-5pm Thailand
20-23 Jun 2023, 9am-5pm EST
10-13 Jul 2023, 9am-5pm CET
21-24 Aug 2023, 9am-5pm India
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Module 1 : UF/MF Fundamentals and Membrane Materials
Module 2 : UF/MF Membrane Fabrication, Morphology & Characteristics
Module 3 : UF/MF Membrane Format and Product Options
Module 4 : UF/MF Membrane Process Design and Flux Selection
Module 5 : UF/MF Membrane System Design
Module 6 : UF/MF Commercial Membranes & Suppliers Review
Module 7 : UF/MF Membrane Plant Performance Monitoring & Permeability Trends
Module 8 : UF/MF Membrane Applications in Water & Wastewater Treatment
Module 9 : Fouling & Use of Chemicals in UF/MF Membrane Filtration
Module 10 : Operational Issues of UF/MF Membrane Plant
Module 11 : Troubleshooting of UF/MF Membrane Water Plant
Module 12 : UF/MF Membranes - New Developments, Recent Trends & Future Prospects
Module 13 : Ceramic Membranes: Principles & Manufacturing, Applications & Performance
Module 14 : Commercial Ceramic Membranes Review
Module 15 : Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment: Basics, Technology & Process Design
Module 16 : Review of Leading Commercial MBR Products


Dr Graeme K Pearce holds a degree in chemistry and a doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Oxford, and is the Principal at his own consulting firm, Membrane Consultancy Associates (MCA) founded in 2005. MCA specializes in advice on membrane filtration technology and provides consulting services covering a range of issues including performance review, problem solving, acting as an expert witness, market analysis, strategy review, and technical advice for investors. Graeme has 40 years’ experience in the membrane field having undertaken technology and strategic development roles at BP, Kalsep, and Hydranautics prior to consulting. He is well known in the field of water and membranes through publications including numerous papers and book contributions. He is also the sole author of ‘UF/MF Membrane Water Treatment’, published by TechnoBiz. Graeme has conducted many workshop training sessions, has been a conference chairman and a regular conference session chair, as well as giving numerous keynote lectures and other papers. For further information see www.membraneconsultancy.com.

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