Desalination System Design Fundamentals

Webinar Length: ~90 Min
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Category: Water Treatment & Membranes
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28 July 2022 (Thursday), 10am CET
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This webinar is Part 11 of KnowHow Webinar Series “RO Desalination System: Process, Design & Operation”. This Part 11 webinar on “Desalination System Design Fundamentals” discusses about: Project specifications; Process development; Calculation of membrane performance; Process and instrumentation diagram; Mechanical equipment drawings; Bill of materials; Major equipment components; System layout; and Calculation of desalination plant economics, system cost and operating cost. This webinar is directed toward engineers and water treatment professionals involved with process development and design and operation of membrane plants to enhance their level of technical expertise.


Dr. Wilf has been involved in process development, system design, project execution, plant operation and maintenance of large, commercial desalination and wastewater reclamation plants in US, Europe and Middle East since 1977. Dr. Wilf has been involved in development of new desalination process and optimization of membrane technologies. Some of his inventions have resulted in patent applications and are being used in commercial desalination systems. Dr. Wilf is a regular contributor to professional journals, wrote chapters on membrane technology processes and applications to a number of books. He edited and wrote with other coauthors The Guidebook to Membrane Desalination Technology that has been published in 2006. The second book on membrane technology that he edited and contributed, The Guidebook to Membrane Technology for Wastewater Reclamation, has been published in 2010. Dr. Wilf regularly presents and teaches desalination and membrane technology subjects to engineers and water professionals. His teaching activity includes teaching course on membrane technology and desalination for European Desalination Society, and other courses for industrial companies and engineering organizations.

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