Technology for Producing Plastic Cellular Materials (Polymeric Foams)

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Cellular materials are solid foams. They are often produced to take advantage of the properties of the solid material whilst at the same time taking advantage of their light-weighting characteristics. The light weight enables their insulation performance since gas is a poorer thermal conductor than solids. This Webinar explores the various technologies for producing cellular plastics (polymeric foams) from various polymer classes. The Webinar will cover aspects of foaming both thermoplastics and thermoset polymers. Thermoplastic polymers are those which are converted to foams starting from fully formed polymers which are processed through softening (melting or devitrification) and then followed by foaming. The end of foaming is accomplished by freezing the cellular structure through recrystallization or vitrification. Thermosetting polymers are those which start from liquid monomeric raw materials which undergo cross-linking chemical reactions to form a solid polymer. The foaming process happens simultaneously with the cross-linking reactions. The KnowHow Webinar will highlight the advantages and disadvantages encountered in foaming thermoplastic and thermoset polymers.


Dr. Bernard E. Obi is a retired dynamic polymers/materials scientist with extensive expertise in cellular materials in general; but particularly in polyurethane foams processes and applications. He has extensive expertise in both rigid and flexible polyurethane foams. Within the flexible PU foams space, the expertise encompass high resiliency (HR), slab-stock and viscoelastic or memory foams. He earned a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and worked for The Dow Chemical Company from July 1985 to July 2015. Apart from polyurethanes technology; he also has significant expertise in free radical dispersion/suspension polymerization, surface and interfacial science, micro & macro-structure-property-performance relationships, materials development, composites, elastomers and rubbers. He authored a text book on Polymeric Foams Published December 7th 2017 by Elsevier Publishers. Dr. Obi operates his consulting company (PolyFoam Consulting LLC) out of the Houston area in Texas USA, and is engaged in providing consulting services to the polymeric foams industries and businesses.

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