Sub-Category: Adhesives
Nanotechnology & Paint Coatings
Language: English
ID: KH0573
Time Length: ~66 Min
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Description: Description of Coating Components; Definition of Nano modified Coatings; Effect of Size, Shape and Loading of Nano particles; Hydrophobic Coatings; Graphene-based Coatings; Self Healing Coatings; Practical examples of Nano-coatings
Expert: Dr. A.S.Khanna, a retired Professor from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, after 27 years of teaching and research, guiding 27 Ph.D’s, 125 Masters and creating research expertise in High Temperature Corrosion, Coatings, Surface Engineering, Corrosion of concrete structures and nano-coatings. He has won several International Awards such as Humboldt Fellowship from Germany, Royal Norwegian Fellowship from Norway, Fellow of Japan Key Centre and worked as visiting Professor in Germany, and France. He has written three books and edited four books. He has published more than 300 papers in several International and National Journals with more than 4500 citations. He is a coating expert and is associated with Hindustan Zinc for several assignments related o galvanization and its applications, sterling & Wilson for Selection of sites for solar power plants, oil & gas industry for consolation on coatings for underground pipelines and offshore structures.