Rubber Rules for Molding & Processing

Expert: Van Walworth
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Language: English
Category: Rubber, Latex & Tyre
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8 Sept 2022, 10am-5pm EST
6 Oct 2022, 10am-5pm CET
10 Nov 2022, 10am-5pm EST
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Module 1 : Rubber Rules for Vulcanization
Module 2 : Rubber Rules for Polymer Characterization
Module 3: Rubber Rules for Rubber Flow
Module 4: Rubber Rules for Cavity Filling
Module 5: Rubber Rules for Applied Force


Van Walworth is a product design and development specialist. Van has a BS degree from the University of Alabama in mechanical engineering drafting and design and has become a well-known “hands on practitioner”. Most of his primary application skills are focused on products manufactured from materials related to the rubber, plastic, & pipe industries. In many circles he is known as “The Ideaguy” or as “The Rubber Whisperer”. Van is an internationally recognized technical educator for in-plant seminars, and university level continuing professional education programs. He is a published author of many technical papers as well of the author of the book “Rubber Molding Principles” first published in 2013 and the creator of a series of Troubleshooting Charts for processing rubber, all published and distributed by TechnoBiz. Van has established a partnership joint venture with the TechnoBiz Group which is based in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, Van has a long-term joint venture collaboration with SRP Synthetic Rubber Products, Pvt. Ltd. In Bangalore, India to design and build molding presses and ancillary equipment for the rubber industry.

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